You have probably never seen it before – unless you know the Weldon family from Tucker, Georgia. They have played the game for more than a decade, but few have been exposed – until now! More and more players on the east and west coasts are rolling – ROX. It’s a lawn game with elements in some ways of horseshoes, bocce, corn hole, even curling but with more tactics and strategy than most of these games. ROX can be played with two POSTS or as many as desired. It is played by rolling balls (called ROX), or by tossing bags (called SOX) at targets (POSTs) from opposite directions (if only two POSTs). If more than two POSTS are used the game explodes with even more interesting strategies. In this case a course can be designed in unlimited configurations and sizes. Players attempt to score more points than opponents in three different SETS to win a JAM. They do so while following, not a prescribed sequence of alternate POSTS (as on a golf course), but rather in a sequence that is determined as the gameplay goes along. For example, the winner at one POST, will decide which POST becomes the next target. [You have never seen a game like this before]. You have never had more fun playing this kind of game. There are a few more variations and details (some major details have not even been mentioned yet), but that’s essentially the essence of the game.