Darrell, Doug and Danny Weldon are working with manufacturers and doing research on the best materials to use in developing the ultimate combination of just the right design and function to make ROX the best experience it can be. They have hired a patent attorney and have located what they think are the ideal balls for the game. They have done hours of tests on all the parts of the set-up and feel that they have arrived at the optimum efficiency and lowest cost while maintaining the highest level of quality possible. Everything will be made in America using recycled materials wherever possible.

Over the last few months, ideas have come almost on a daily basis. The game has developed to include versions that can be played not only outdoors, in the yard, but also indoors and on a variety of surfaces. ROX has been innovated from the fun yard game using balls to include “bean bags” which can be used safely indoors. Most elements of the game are consistent whether indoors or outdoors.