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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ROX?2019-06-24T23:26:12-07:00

It’s a new sport for a new millennium. This great game is fun for family and friends of all ages and can be played on practically any solid surface indoors or outdoors.

How do you play the game of ROX?2019-06-24T23:27:53-07:00

You have probably never seen it before – unless you know the Weldon family from Tucker, Georgia. They have played the game for more than a decade, but few have been exposed – until now! More and more players on the east and west coasts are rolling – ROX. It’s a lawn game with elements in some ways of horseshoes, bocce, corn hole, even curling but with more tactics and strategy than most of these games. ROX can be played with two POSTS or as many as desired. It is played by rolling balls (called ROX), or by tossing bags (called SOX) at targets (POSTs) from opposite directions (if only two POSTs). If more than two POSTS are used the game explodes with even more interesting strategies. In this case a course can be designed in unlimited configurations and sizes. Players attempt to score more points than opponents in three different SETS to win a JAM. They do so while following, not a prescribed sequence of alternate POSTS (as on a golf course), but rather in a sequence that is determined as the gameplay goes along. For example, the winner at one POST, will decide which POST becomes the next target. [You have never seen a game like this before]. You have never had more fun playing this kind of game. There are a few more variations and details (some major details have not even been mentioned yet), but that’s essentially the essence of the game.

How is ROX different from other games I’ve ever played?2019-06-25T17:08:56-07:00

ROX is a unique combination of skill, strategy and luck. One aspect of the gameplay that is most unique to ROX is the fact that as one player gets closer to winning their challenge increases while those who are behind have a better chance to catch up to the leader. This keeps the game interesting because everyone knows that anything could happen at any time. As you play the game, it becomes more apparent that this is a great part of the equation. Another feature of ROX is that many variations can be implemented without changing the essential tenets of gameplay. The game can easily be adapted to a higher and higher level of skill and challenge.

Why is ROX becoming one of the leading choices for tailgate games?2019-06-25T17:09:57-07:00

After all, when was the last time you heard of a new sport being invented? Have you ever? This is one of the greatest new games of this millennium! It is great because in an age of electronics, we now have another reason to get outside and have some fun in the sun and fresh air. How wonderful is that? This game played with family and friends in the backyard, tournaments at the beach or park, tailgate parties, BBQ’s, and many other holiday or social functions will introduce a new generation to the joys of friendly competition. The game being light-weight and portable can be played just about anywhere, with balls or bags. All ages compete indoors or outdoors on many different surfaces. One delightful thing about the sport, ROX, is that because of its adaptability, courses are being retrofitted from miniature golf courses to ROX courses. It works amazingly well.

How can I order ROX from your amazing company, 3DW GAMES?2019-06-25T17:10:59-07:00

Simply order directly from our website ( Pre-ROX is now available in limited quantities. There will be several other options available soon, so find the game you want and purchase it through our secure shopping cart.

How can I order PRO-ROX from 3DW GAMES?2019-06-25T17:11:58-07:00

PRO-ROX is the ultimate in family fun and tournament competition. This version of ROX includes a full set of eight balls and eight bags along with two game POSTs for indoor and outdoor play. JAZ for PRO-ROX is available and sold separately.

What is JAZ?2019-06-25T17:12:49-07:00

Many “extras” can be added to the ROX experience to make the game even more interesting and exciting. These “extras” are elements like ramps, traps and obstacles that can be arranged throughout the course to spice things up.

What type of Custom ROX PADs and POSTs can be made?2019-06-25T17:13:41-07:00

There is almost no limit to the creative ability of the ROX team to make your desire for your own custom PAD a reality. We are just waiting to hear from you with ideas of how you want your ROX PAD and POST to be designed. You may purchase custom ROX PADs or POSTs directly from our website. Simply navigate to the Custom ROX PADs/POST products page and choose from either of the nine pre-designed PADs and POSTs, or choose Custom Designed PAD/POST. From there you can upload your image or graphic you would like on the PAD/POST. In the provided text box describe the layout of your PAD and or POST and any other helpful descriptions of your design. We will create a mock-up of your design and email it to you for your approval before we begin production. We can use almost any existing digital graphic you have and put it on one of our quality PADs/POST.


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