In August of 2018, Doug and Darrell had a conversation about the future of ROX. Each brother agreed that the world has been without ROX long enough. The time has come to get things moving in the right direction. That is why you are reading this today.

So, what has been done since August? Prototypes have been made – many of them. Changes in materials – many of them. Research – hours of testing and calculations – identifying the physics involved in rolling balls that strike a post.   Coversations – with family –  with industry professionals. Some conversations with lawyers. Many internet searches were made.  Although this process continues, the time for the next step has arrived. The Weldon brothers are ready to get help. The kind of help needed now is the kind that Kickstarter offers. Money to follow-through with the plan is what Darrell, Doug and Danny need now.

The first conversation Doug had with the manufacturer revealed that the ideal ball would be made by injection molding. It would be made of ABS plastic. It has been calculated that the materials needed for the balls will cost $14,000. The balls are vitally important to this game. They can be made of various colors (which is great) and the plan is to start off with four colors. That conversation also revealed to Doug that he had a lot to learn about manufacturing and business. He has learned many things in the past few months. Among them, that to succeed in selling a game like ROX the over-all cost would need to be $15 per game. That cost estimate goal has been reached and exceeded. (That cost is now below $15) For the present materials planned, the cost is projected to be below $12.00! The retail price is planned to be the same as the original goal. That is $39.95 plus shipping. One of the early challenges was the cost of shipping. The price of boxes seemed to be a problem until Doug discovered that the game would fit in the USPS “one price ships anywhere” free boxes! What an exciting day that was when this was discovered.

Besides the cost of producing the game, we are faced with a new challenge. Shipping, handling, and the biggest challenge to us, getting it out there – marketting. We are a close family of game players – not business people. We have followed our father’s example of hard work and creativity. The Weldon‘s    will more likely give you something, than sell you something. This, you might say, is our weakness. We are a non-profit family. For ROX to be shared with the world, it will need to be sold to the world. For this reason, we are going to try to change a little. With your help, we can succed in sharing ROX with the world.

We will need to figure out the best way to sell our game on the internet. We have looked at several options. The best options seem to start with having enough money to get the game in front of the right people. First, we have to know who those people are. That is why our srategy is to get the game to a sample of potential customers at a discount, and offer a rebate as well. (We are Weldons after all – why sell something when you can give it away) We have begun a campaign of offering one free copy to as many fire stations as we can reach. Some Long Beach and surrounding Los Angeles area fire stations have already received their “homemade” versions of ROX. We would love to offer them to many more fire stations.